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Posted on January 30, 2016 / Tags: ats, rust, sel4, verifast

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We had “Functional IoT Meetup #0” that share knowledge about functional programming on embedded device.

Today, many people choose C/C++ language to write code on embedded device. However IoT device is:

The language is good to design the IoT devices? I think it’s hard. We need more effective programming language, which is static typing, theorem proving, formal method, design by contract, model checking, static verification, SMT solver for example. We have already had such languages that are not known worldwide.

The Functional IoT Project aims to summarize knowledge of the languages as exhaustive catalog. At the project, we survey existing the methodologies as you like, and write some demo code running on tiny MCU.

The Functional IoT Meetup aims to share the knowledge at the meeting located Tokyo, Japan. After the meetup, we update our exhaustive catalog of the methodologies. At first meetup, we share outline of following methodologies (for more detail, please read slides):

Then, we have some feedback from the first meetup:

We will plan next meetup soon.



関数型IoTプログラミング勉強会 第0回 まとめ - Togetterまとめ

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