Metasepi team meeting

Posted on September 4, 2014 / Tags: meeting, ajhc, netbsd, ats

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We had “Metasepi team meeting #18” at Haskell Symposium 2014.

I wrote the result of Arafure iteration into a paper. And I talked about kernel programming in Haskell. However, I did not touch detail of kernel programming, and focused our Reentrant GC for real kernel programming. I hope many functional programmer are interested in kernel space real programming.

And also, I have created ATS programming demo on Arduino Mega 2560 + LCD during ICFP 2014. The demo doesn’t use any GC and malloc. It’s power of ATS’s linear type. De-gesso.


Writing NetBSD Sound Drivers in Haskell from Kiwamu Okabe

Presentation Video

Demo video (ATS programming demo on Arduino Mega 2560 + LCD)

Scene Photographs

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