Metasepi team meeting

Posted on August 2, 2014 / Tags: meeting, ats, mbed, avr, arduino

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We had “Metasepi team meeting #16” at Open Source Conference 2014 Kansai@Kyoto.

At this meeting, I explained dependent type and linear type on ATS casualy. Because many people are unfamiliar with type system, abstract figure is sometimes good for they understanding. Please see the following presentation slide after 19th page for the detail.

Also we had first ATS language meetup at Kyoto. Four brave men joined the meetup! They went through short ATS hands-on, that use ATS string library and see dependent type and linear type error message. A participant loves termination metrics, and he thinks it’s also good for C++ constexpr to get termination. De-gesso.


Metasepi team meeting #16: Safety on ATS language + MCU from Kiwamu Okabe

Travel Guide (Kyoto)

Hack place

We havd the ATS language meetup at Seattle’s Best Coffee - APA Villa Hotel Kyoto-Ekimae. In the cafe, Free Wi-Fi hotspot and power source are available.

Scene Photographs

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