Metasepi team meeting

Posted on July 4, 2014 / Tags: meeting, ats, mbed, avr, arduino

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We had “Metasepi team meeting #14” at Open Source Conference 2014 Nagoya.

At this meeting, I demonstated ATS application on Arduino Mega 2560 and ARM mbed platform. The Arduino demo runs on raw hardware without any OS. The mbed demo runs on mbed HAL framework. I would like to create some brilliant TCP/IP network demo applications on mbed, for uploadkng the demo video to our youtube channel.

Also we had 2nd functional IoT meetup at Nagoya. I taught an expert functional programmer nicknamed osiire the secret of ATS programming on mbed platform. However he has no experience in embedded programming, he learn ATS embedded programming quickly and implement event-driven ATS application on mbed in the day. I know expert falcon can swim under water. De-gesso.


Metasepi team meeting #14: ATS programming on MCU from Kiwamu Okabe

Travel Guide (Nagoya)

Hack place

We havd the functional IoT meetup at coworking space - basecamp NAGOYA. In the place, Free Wi-Fi hotspot and power source are available.

Scene Photographs

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