You must buy SyncStitch with only 64,800 JPY!

Posted on October 15, 2018 / Tags: csp, modeling

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If you are using Windows or Linux, you must buy SyncStitch with only 64,800 JPY!

About CSP and SyncStitch

We had “SyncStitch hands-on” on 静的コード解析の会 at Tokyo. This hands-on purpose is to introduce CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes) and use SyncStitch to get modeling on concurrent systems.

On CSP, developer can write Specification model and split it into some Implementation models connected by channel.

After getting models, developer can get correctness relation using SyncStitch.

Install SyncStitch

$ sudo apt install unar gcc fonts-open-sans fonts-inconsolata
$ mkdir $HOME/bin
$ cd $HOME/bin
$ unar
$ cd SyncStitch-linux/bin
$ chmod +x ssg ssgsvr syncstitch
$ export PATH=$(pwd):$PATH
$ vi $HOME/.syncstitch
; (dpi . 96)
 (system-font-face . "Open Sans")
 (system-font-size . 11)
 (small-font-size . 9)
 (code-font-face . "Inconsolata")
 (code-font-size . 12)
 (handle-size . 3)
 (license-key . "___YOUR OWN LICENSE KEY___")
  (node . "")
;  (node . "::1")
  (service . "50000"))

Launch SyncStitch

$ (cd $HOME/bin/SyncStitch-linux/bin && ./ssgsvr)
num_workers:     1
heap_size (GiB): 1
hashtable size:  4000037
port no:         50000
$ syncstitch

Try to open an existing model


Please read SyncStitch-linux/doc/SyncStitch_Users_Guide.pdf. You can feel free to tweet with hastsugai, or e-mail

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