Start to record Metasepi log book

Posted on August 5, 2012 / Tags: project

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Welcome back, all! Um? Do you forget me?

If you read this blog, I think you have read Haskell Advent Calendar 2011:「簡約!? λカ娘(二期)」とHaskell製OSの紹介. I introduced Haskell OS named House on the article. However the House stops growing and Light House website is down. I think they are dead…

While set reading House source code aside for another day, the fact means “Strong typed language such like Haskell or OCaml can’t design practical real kernel?” No! I believe it’s caused by less guts. Nobody have guts to keep developing the projects to start dogfooding.

Then, give the name "Metasepi" a project creating practical real kernel using strong typed language. The good name sounds like sea.

I’ll write code soon, while the blog says absurd idea today.

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